Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hair today, gone tomorrow

All the kids got haircuts! Dorothy got a pretty drastic trim, which is great for the summer. Lincoln drew a picture for Ms. Cathy. He wanted his bangs to be spiked.

Dorothy even got Ethan to play beauty parlor after her hair cut! At first he just wanted to do her hair, but a few minutes later, he came out looking fabulous!

Well, Dorothy just got so carried away with the beauty parlor game, the next day, she decided to cut her hair! I came out of the shower to find a pair of scissors on the floor with a lock of hair beside them. I frantically looked for Dorothy upstairs, to find her nightgown covered with hair. INSTANT HEART ATTACK!! I pulled out all of the loose hair, which formed this size ball:

Thank goodness she cut from underneath, so it isn't noticeable. All of the scissors are up high now!!
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