Sunday, March 11, 2018


The boys and I have been training together for a 5k, since October. Finally race day came!

It was cold and rainy, but we did it! This is the home stretch, where everyone was cheering for us, and they announced our names. Drake’s smile was memorable.

The reward was delicious!

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When the vacation ended, the fun didn’t end! The day after we traveled home (see sweet picture below), we picked up Cain Underhook.

Cain is a bernedoodle, so his mom is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and his dad is a standard poodle. We expect him to be between 70-90 pounds. Here he is at 8 weeks:

Mostly everyone is smitten (cough Dave)! Trainers say socialization is so important, so Cain goes most places with us, and always to the School pick up line!

At his 3 month appointment he was 15 pounds, and I know he has grown so much since then. He has such a sweet temperament and loves to play with toys!

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Day 3

Day 3 was my favorite! It was Cast Away Cay day!!

We started out with breakfast at the Royal Palace. Drake discovered he liked capers, so naturally the waiter brought him an entire bowl!

I have always been a beach girl, and my kids love it just as much as I do. It was colder in the morning, but after lunch, the sun came out and it was heavenly!

There were fun activities to do on the island.

We tried snorkeling with the boys, but it was hard for them to get.

I went with the boys to feed and swim with the sting rays. There were over 70 to pet and feed. It was weird at first, but then we got used to it and really enjoyed it.

We stayed as long as we could on that beautiful island. Lincoln kept getting worried that the boat would leave us.

The Sherrill and Shinsel family is already wanting to do another one!

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Day 2

Look at the gorgeous view in the morning!

Dorothy’s morning started off with so many princesses.

After the princess party, the kids went to the kid’s club, while the adults went to Palo, a restaurant for adults only. The food was amazing, and the company even better! We sure lucked out with such wonderful neighbors.

The boys did the Muppet Mystery onboard. They had detective badges that would change pictures on the different floors. It was pretty cool!

The boat was docked in Nassau, but we stayed on the ship. We did the Aquaduck, swam, and ate more ice cream.

We got our Pirate costumes on for the pirate party.

Bless her heart, Dodo fell asleep at dinner.

Drake and I took Dorothy back to the room to finish her nap, so Dave and Jeremy took the older boys to Star Wars. When Do woke up, we checked out Vanellope’s candy shop.

The pirate party consisted of very real looking pirates fighting each other. Dorothy didn’t like it one bit, so Dave took her out for some ice cream. Drake was a bit nervous of the pirates, so he hung back with the Sherrills. I have the best memory of Lincoln leaning against me as we watched the fireworks on the ship!

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All Aboard!

The only disappointing thing about the whole trip, was that the scheduled rocket launch was cancelled last minute. Our hotel was right by the launch pad.

We got all packed up at headed to the big Mickey boat!

Waiting to walk on...

We had lunch outside, even though it was still a bit chilly.

After lunch, the sun came out and we went swimming. Dorothy got to watch Frozen while being in a warm pool; 2 of her favorite things!

We definitely got our money’s worth out of the ice cream.

Later, we checked out the kid’s club.

After dinner at the Royal Palace, Dorothy and I waited in line to see Belle. The boys wanted to go back to the kid’s club.

Before bed, the kids loved watching the crazy Mickey videos on tv. There were only 6 of them, and they would just repeat over and over...

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