Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Happenings

Dorothy that wasn’t feeling well, so she had to miss out on our strawberry picking. We live for those strawberry slushees!!

Lincoln’s school had a Mother vs Son kickball game. Lincoln has a sad face because the mamas won!! The boys were seriously shocked!!

The cutest bug around at her field trip.

Duck doughnuts is just around the corner from the Nature Museum.

Beep, Beep!

Lincoln painted kid’s faces at a spring fling BBQ.

Happy Mother’s Day! Dave had to fly out that night, so the kids and I went to Hickory by ourselves.

How I love being their mama! This is a form Dorothy answered at preschool.

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April Days

We loved having Uncle Reed home, and hopes that he makes NC his home again soon!

I got to help chaperone Drake’s field trip to the botanical gardens. The stinker wouldn’t look at the camera, after walking all day.

Drake’s teacher is amazing: she always takes pictures and sends them out to parents. Here is the whole class at the gardens.

Lincoln participated in the School’s fun run. They were raising money for Chrome books. He ran all 35 laps just in time.

Just 2 dudes and 1 “dood” coming back from school.

Back to Lincoln’s school for field day. He got 2nd in an ice cream cone relay.

I told Drake one day Dorothy would be his best buddy, like my brothers are my best buddies. He said, “Moom, Dorphy is already my best buddy.” Heart melted!

We planted a garden with the Sherrills. It’s been so rainy, we haven’t had to do much. I can taste those homegrown tomatoes already!

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

April Fools!

Oh man, we so got my dad good this year. It wasn’t on April Fool’s, but it still counts! Mom, Cleve and I threw him a surprise retirement party. He wasn’t expecting anything, but we had around 40 of his former employees/co-workers/and bosses come to the park for a BBQ. The best part was that we flew Reed home for the party! The food was delicious, the decorations were great, but I don’t have pictures to prove it. This picture is the only thing I’m fine remembering. There were tears of joy!

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Easter Time

This year for Spring Break, we stayed home; Dave had to travel for work, so the kids and I just did stuff around town. It ended up being so nice to just be home !

We celebrated with family:

On Sunday, we traveled to to Hickory to eat dinner with family. Mom’s cousin happened to be traveling through town, so we had an extra guest.

The kids opened up their Easter surprises. Even Cain got a toy!

Mom filled eggs with change, just like when we were kids.

We crafted:

We made some cards and flowers for Dorothy’s friend that was in the hospital.

And of course we had to dye some Easter eggs.

We rode bikes:

Drake learned how to ride without training wheels! Lincoln and Dorothy both got new bikes, because they had outgrown their other ones. Poor Drake got Lincoln’s old bike, but we let him pick out a new helmet!

We played mini golf:

Dorothy just liked dropping the ball in the home. Drake didn’t want to keep score, and worked ahead of us. Amazingly, he kept telling us he was getting holes-in-one 🤔.

We played at Chuck-E-Cheese:

I don’t think I really need to go into any details with this one.

We got treats:

Well, the kids did. Dave took them out one Saturday for cotton candy, and then they crossed the street and had ice cream!

There were a couple days we had to slow down, because Dorothy got strep throat, but overall, we had a wonderful Spring Break!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March right in

Cain started puppy school, and Lincoln goes with us each Saturday.

He is growing so fast!!

This is what happens in the car pool lane: I’m so glad we have a van 😜!

Penny spent the night on a teacher workday evening. She was excited to show the kids her favorite movie, My Little Pony.

Dorothy was sporting some major plumber’s crack!

Drake got a wicked shiner from our indoor trampoline. I didn’t see how it happened, but from what I understand, he stomped on it sideways, and the metal leg came up and hit him.

The next day, it was so swollen, he didn’t last long at school. Naturally, we went out for ice cream.

The swelling went away after a few days. He wanted to pose with his puppy. Cain grew 10 pounds in 1 month!

We enjoyed popsicles on a warm Spring day; those were rare with all the rain we had!

Dorothy has her first dance recital. She did a tap and ballet performance. She adores dance and is sad it’s already over this year!

I experienced the coldest field day ever! Instead of wearing sunscreen like last year, the kids had on jackets. They had a couple events inside.

The parachute was everyone’s favorite.

There was even enough room for Dorothy to join.

Cute 1st graders!!

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