Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Days

The boys have been really getting in to board games. Their latest favorite is Pokémon monopoly. Dorothy can't be in the house at the same time, because she will destroy the game. One Sunday, Dorothy and I played in the rain while the boys played inside. We splashed in puddles, and raced leaves down the sidewalk. I loved watching how happy she was splashing around!

Meanwhile, Dave won monopoly, and this is how the boys took it:

Dave is a great partner: He works hard at his job and always helps out at home too. One night, he was on a conference call while cooking dinner.

It's obvious, this is rubbing off on our boys. One Sunday, they wanted to cook and serve us dinner. Lincoln even made us cute menus. They did most of the work themselves, and only ended up with a small burn from the griddle (they didn't think it was hot underneath.). Drake was cracking us up, while plating our food: he would put the bacon on one plate, and then lick his fingers before he put another piece on. Yum yum!!

Dave took the boys to see the Captain Underpants movie, since the boys love the books. He also shares his hobbies with them. Drake was only supposed to watch him hammer one day, hit Dave let him take some turns whacking some metal!

For my birthday, mom wrote in a card that she wanted to have a fun experience with me. We finally made that happen on Saturday. We spent the day riding bikes in Greenville, on the Swamp Rabbit trail. We stopped at a couple farmers markets and went shopping at the outlets on the way home. What a fun day! Dave managed to get the kids to a baptism at the church and a birthday party later that day. I'm pretty sure he feel asleep before me that night!

The kids had a blast pretending to be pirates are our local museum.

Dorothy thought the skunk was so cute, she kissed him through the glass.

Drake had a pediatric ophthalmology appointment, because his eyes have been drifting to the side. The good news is that it is not affecting his vision: the bad news is that it is most likely because he is tired. Now we have to figure out why the heck he is so tired!

Most every day my boys want to play eh the neighbors. The younger boys were running outside like crazy animals, but the older boys were inside reading. I love their personalities!

Memorial Day weekend, the kids slept one night in Hickory. Dave and I watched a movie at 3pm and didn't even eat dinner until 7pm, what rebels!! ThI next day we went out to eat with my parents at our favorite Thai restaurant. Lincoln was all about the noodles.

One more day of school, until I get my babies back for a while!!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The month of May is always crazy with things wrapping up for the summer, so this will be a simple post!

Dorothy went on a field trip to the Nature museum. She isn't a big fan of reptiles or other wildlife, so I don't think this was her favorite thing.

The museum is right by Dave's office, so we stopped by to say hello...and eat a cookie! He wasn't really upset she made a huge mess, but he did have to shake her out over the trash can.

Our next stop that day was to Lincoln's school for field day. His class won overall for 2nd grade!

We had to pick strawberries at our favorite farm!

My silly one:

My pre-preteen who isn't a fan of pictures. Seriously, look how tall this kid is getting!

My baby who loves babies...she would pick berries and then feed them to baby Vera. Vera's little mouth and short were covered with red berry juice!

We love our little playgroup of church friends!

National no screen week is in May, so we did it. We took lots of trips to parks and met up with friends. One day Lincoln said, "What can I do." I told him that I had already done an activity, so it was his turn to come up with something. Thirty minutes later he and Dorothy are came downstairs to tell me all about the game they made up, jumping over a quilt, and making faces. I didn't really understand, but I was thrilled they used their brains to come with something creative!

Picking honeysuckle:

Building Mario out of legos:

Dorothy was precious as she served me muffins and juice at her preschool. She was so proud of the keychain she made me.

Rachel, Zac, my parents and Cleve's family came over for Mothers Day. The weather was perfect for Dave to cook up yummy BBQ, and for people to play outside.

Dorothy has started PT, OT, and speech therapy. It makes for a busy week, and I'm not even 100% sold she needs it all; however, she is making progress. Her speech is getting better, and she is ALMOST fully potty trained. At the barber shop, she went up to a young man and started patting his leg. I told her she needed to give some personal space and she replied, "but I love him." When I said she didn't even know him, she looked right at him and asked, "What's your name?" Besides being concerned she loves random men, I was excited that this stranger could understand what she was saying!

It's always fun to see how she accessories herself when we take the boys to school!

11 more days of school before I get my boys back for the summer, and then life can get simple again!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Week Flew By!

What a nasty dreary Monday to have to end Spring Break! We had such a nice week with a good mix of adventure and chill time.

The first day is Spring Break, both boys got to have school friends over. In the morning, 3 big boys came over to play with Lincoln, and in the afternoon, we had Drake's kindergarten friends over. We spent most of the time outside playing. After lunch, the kids decorated some Easter cookies. The boys thought it was hilarious to put the sugar sprinkles on their lips to look like lipstick.

It is so precious to me how Drake greets his friends. There are big hugs and smiles.

After a little rest time, the kids played outside on the trampoline with the hose spraying them. This is one of their favorite activities to do!

To top it all off, they played with our neighbor friends that evening before dinner. What a way to start the break!

That Saturday, Dave and I were like whirling tornadoes trying to get a ton done. I was inside packing and gathering for or trip, and Dave was outside doing tons of yard work. I'm so excited to announce we have some fruit trees now..2 peach, a pear and an apple!

The kids got their Easter baskets on Saturday. A friend told me about their tradition of doing all the non-religious Easter things the Saturday before, and I loved that idea. That way Sunday can be special for the right reasons!

The kids got towels and goggles for our trip. They each got a book and a little candy.

My Easter morning cuties are ready for church. Lincoln is so patient with his siblings!

That afternoon, we traveled up to Hickory for dinner. Mom wanted a nice picture of the grandkids, but this is all she got.

The next morning, we threaded up the mountains to an indoor water park resort. It wasn't huge, but big enough to keep us entertained for a couple days, and small enough that we could split up and still find each other. All the kids are so fearless in the wave pool. It makes me so nervous, it they just jump right into those huge waves.

Our next stop was Gatlinburg. The view from our hotel was gorgeous!

We ventured downtown for dinner, but headed back to play in the pool at the hotel. Because parking is pretty tricky, we took the trolley, which was an adventure.

The hotel pool was really fun; it had lots of connecting little pools and 2 fast slides. We took the kids at night and then again in the morning. We were taking our time in the morning, because the weather wasn't looking good. We thought we were just going to check out the aquarium, but as we headed to the car, Lincoln asked, "Mom, are you sure we can't do Dollywood?" I'm so glad he did ask, because I checked the weather and it looked ok. We drove to Dollywood, and had the best time there!

The boys are starting to really enjoy the fast, adrenaline pumping rides, so Dave and I would take turns with them. The nice thing about Dollywood, is that there was a lot for us to do all together. We made the mistake of getting on a rapids ride, first thing. Our undies were pretty soaked for most of the morning! The kids have been telling their friends and family all about the rides, so I'm really glad we got to make those memories together. I did feel kind of gross not doing anything outside, since we were in the beautiful mountains.

I guess we made up for it, because Carson needed to go on a 3 mile hike for Scouts. It just worked out that I could take the boys and mom could watch the girls. We had a great time at Baker's Mountain, and Drake only complained a couple times about not being able to make it.

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